The ScienceMetrics blog grew out of a conversation between Professor Diana Hicks of the School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Science-Metrix’ founder, Dr. Éric Archambault. As Diana noted at the time, “Science-Metrix and I produce our analyses for academic journal articles and government reports. That means our work is hidden (in plain sight) in piles of text and mountains of other numbers.” In fact, as self-described data geeks, often the parts of a project we find the most interesting are those aspects that aren’t even apparent in the final published work.

Thus, the seed was planted to take the broader observations and newly developed processes generated through those articles and reports and share them in a more accessible way. Diana’s academic commitments have now pulled her away from the blog, but the Science-Metrix staff continues to share interesting tidbits gleaned across projects, the curious journeys behind indicator development and the occasional piece of post-conference philosophizing—all from one set of data geeks to another! If you would like to receive updates when new posts are published, head to the subscribe box on the Home page. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at sciencemetrics@science-metrix.com.

Note: All views expressed are those of the individual author and are not necessarily those of Science-Metrix, 1science or Georgia Institute of Technology.