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The ScienceMetrics blog is run by the staff of Science-Metrix Inc., an independent research evaluation firm based in Montréal, Canada, serving an international client base. At Science-Metrix, we specialize in the assessment of science and technology (S&T) activities, with a particular focus on bibliometric and technometric studies. Much of the work we do is destined to remain in-house with our clients or feeds into larger-scale government reports. That means our work is usually hidden (in plain sight) in reams of text and a barrage of numbers. However, as self-described data geeks, often the parts of a project we find the most interesting are those aspects that aren’t even apparent in the final published work.

Here on the blog, we take the broader observations and newly developed indicators and processes generated through our studies and reports and share them in a more accessible way. Throughout our posts you’ll find interesting tidbits gleaned across projects, the curious journeys behind indicator development and the occasional piece of post-conference philosophizing—all from one set of data geeks to another!

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Note: All views expressed are those of the individual author and are not necessarily those of Science-Metrix or our sister company, 1science.