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Establishing the prevalence of the gender dimension in research
September 16, 2016
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About 7% of social science research and about 4% of medicine and humanities integrate a gender dimension. In agricultural and natural sciences as well as engineering and technology there is a vanishingly small amount of research involving gender. Sweden’s research has the strongest commitment to researching gender issues, with almost 9% of social sciences and […]
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The many flavors of open access
August 5, 2016
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Life used to be so simple. If you wanted to find a scholarly paper, you looked in a journal. If somebody asked you where a paper was, you gave them the name of the journal. With the rise of open access, things have gotten more complex, and not just a little more complex. In this […]
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OACA – the open access citation advantage
July 22, 2016
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If you post your paper online somewhere outside a paywall, you join the majority of scholars and your paper will gain a citation advantage over papers available only through a journal. This has been demonstrated in recent research. A particular focus of research on open access publishing has been the hypothesis that open access papers […]
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Letter from two AAU faculty to AAU provosts re Academic Analytics
May 16, 2016
Diana Hicks & Cassidy Sugimoto In August 2013, President Obama released the “Plan to Make College More Affordable: A Better Bargain for the Middle Class,” which announced the Administration’s intention to develop a rating system for colleges, with results eventually to be linked to federal student aid. Public comments were solicited, and the Association of […]