Science policy

Science policy
The mucky business of evidence-based policymaking
June 27, 2016
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In his recent op-ed, James Gover argues that the US federal government doesn’t have the information it needs to respond effectively to current issues such as healthcare, education and income inequality, and is failing to foresee the issues that are coming down the pike. He also notes that even in cases where high-quality information has […]
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Negotiations at the science–policy interface
June 13, 2016
In the lead-up to the last Canadian federal election, a lot of attention in the science policy community was dedicated to addressing the freedom of scientists to speak: the muzzling issue. In short, without the freedom to share results, analyses and conclusions, federal government scientists had no reasonable hope of having their work put the […]
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Taxonomy, objectivity and expectation
June 6, 2016
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Measuring interdisciplinarity relies on objective taxonomies of science, but how does science policy influence this perceived objectivity and how can acknowledging this influence improve the construction of taxonomies?