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Positional analysis: from boring tables to sweet visuals
March 28, 2018
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At Science-Metrix we are obviously very focused on data—sweet, sweet data! We are also very aware that bibliometric data or pages and pages of analysis can be overwhelming and that more intuitive data presentation can help our clients to better understand their study results, which in turn helps them to take action on the findings we return to them. One graphic presentation we find particularly helpful is the positional analysis chart. Positional analysis is a way to visually depict two, three or even more indicators for a given set of entities instead of using a standard (and boring) table. Click through to the post to see how it works.
Mapping science: a guide to our Twitter series
March 14, 2018
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Over the course of 2018, we’ll be publishing a series of maps via the Science-Metrix Twitter feed to visually illustrate some dynamics of the global science ecosystem. This blog post is the anchor for that series, explaining why we think these maps are important and what exactly they represent.