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1findr: discovery for the world of research
May 2, 2018
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As of last week, 1science is offering public access to its 1findr service. 1findr is a discovery and analytics platform for scholarly research, indexing an incredibly wide breadth of peer-reviewed journals. But just how broad is its coverage, and how does 1findr compare to alternative systems? In this post, we’ll measure up 1findr against the (also quite new) Dimensions platform from Digital Science. These two platforms represent new approaches to bibliographic data: 1findr is fed using harvesters that automatically collect, parse, complete and validate metadata from information online, whereas Dimensions aggregates and cross-links data from a variety of sources, accessed through institutional partnerships.
Mapping science: a guide to our Twitter series
March 14, 2018
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Over the course of 2018, we’ll be publishing a series of maps via the Science-Metrix Twitter feed to visually illustrate some dynamics of the global science ecosystem. This blog post is the anchor for that series, explaining why we think these maps are important and what exactly they represent.
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Data mining: Open access policies and outcomes
September 20, 2017
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During our data mining project for the European Commission, one of the case studies we undertook to test our framework to guide data mining for policy research explored open access (OA) publications in the European context. Specifically, the question we aimed to tackle was whether institutional OA policies have an effect on the share of an institution’s papers available in OA, and if so, to what degree. An answer to this question would provide actionable advice for institutions that are looking to increase the availability of their research. Here’s what we found.
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OACA – the open access citation advantage
July 22, 2016
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If you post your paper online somewhere outside a paywall, you join the majority of scholars and your paper will gain a citation advantage over papers available only through a journal. This has been demonstrated in recent research. A particular focus of research on open access publishing has been the hypothesis that open access papers […]